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Conversion-focused PPC management services

The internet makes it easier for you to connect with your target audience and clients online. Now, with the power of PPC campaigns and online advertising, it’s even easier to connect with and capture purchase-minded customers.

But to make this possible you need an amazing marketing agency at your side. And that’s what TTR Digital Marketing is all about! Our PPC management services include:

PPC Profile Audit

Mapping your advertising campaign is crucial for us. Conducting a PPC profile audit will give us a clear roadmap of what needs to be done to get the results you need!

Facebook Advertising

Strong Facebook advertising comes with effective social media marketing. We design ad campaigns that focus on customers with high interests towards your brand.

Google Adwords Set Up

We maximize your Google advertising spending not just for high traffics and leads, but high conversion as well. Our Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) pros will work with you hand in hand.

Bing Advertising

Bing's popular PPC platform is an avenue that can best benefit the right market or niche. Talk to our certified Bing ads experts and learn how you can take advantage of it!

Mobile Advertising

More than half of searches with buying intent happen on mobile devices. Optimizing ads for mobile conversion is a great avenue for local businesses in Reston, VA area.

Youtube Advertising

Youtube advertising promotes not just brand awareness, but it also allows advertisers to target specific demographics. This maximizes exposure for your video content!

Audience Targeting

Display advertising allows for data collection, keeping us in the know of who and where your customers are online and what they're looking for. We take advantage of this and improve our campaigns.

Linkedin & Instagram

Linkedin and Instagram advertising allows a wider reach in or around Reston, VA .Our marketers put your business in front of millions of company leaders and industry influencers!

Customer Retargeting

Motivate previous customers to reconnect with your brand and convert customers to leads. Our PPC experts use targeted ads to engage former site visitors to return and make a purchase.

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What is pay-per-click or PPC?

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is an internet marketing approach, a form of paid advertising in which the advertiser pays only for each click on their ads. This stands in contrast to traditional advertising, where the advertiser usually pays a per-month rate.

PPC marketing differs from search engine optimization (SEO), although both aim to deliver similar results. SEO will bring organic traffic to your website, while search engine PPC ads are paid links that appear at the top of search engine results. Essentially, they are paid search engine results!

Social media advertising is another widespread form of PPC marketing. It places your ads on social media services, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, instead of search engines. This can be a powerful tool to get more sales, as social media platforms allow you to target very specific groups of potential clients.

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is the world’s largest PPC advertising system. The Google AdWords platform allows you to bid on targeted keywords. Google will then pick links to display across all its services placed on the quality and relevance of the ad copy to the user’s query.

Frequently Asked Question

Like SMM and Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising is a time-consuming process. We have to continue optimizing to gain momentum that eventually leads to an increase in revenue. We’ve refined this process to better serve our clients in Virginia, no matter how competitive the market is.

#1 PPC Profile Audit

We set up your first PPC campaign or audit your existing profile. Depending on the PPC services you want to utilize, we will start by creating a roadmap that will guide us through the rest of the process.

#2 Geographic & Keyword Research

Once we know the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign, we will identify your audience and where they live, what keywords they use to search the web, and how they consume content online.

#3 Client Meeting & Approval

After the audit and market research, we will meet with you and listen to your feedback and recommendations. We then finalize the strategy and the ad budget, and get your account rolling!

#4 Initiate PPC Campaign

Our talented account managers will initiate your PPC campaign and make the necessary optimization for success. You can expect immediate sales growth, but our agency will not be satisfied until you see continuous progress.

When properly managed, PPC marketing campaigns can provide one of the best return on investment (ROI) rates out of all internet marketing strategies. Consider this: in a PPC campaign, the cost per click could be $1, but each click might result in a $100 purchase. That’s one hefty return on ad spend!

Getting these kinds of returns from PPC is not easy, though. If you want to get the best results out of paid search result ads, you will need to work with the best PPC agency. You can only reach your target audience if your Pay-Per-Click campaign management is of the highest quality.

If you’re looking to maximize your bottom line through PPC ads, our PPC management services are here to help you!

We are a premium full-service PPC agency with a proven track record in carrying out successful PPC campaigns in Reston VA. areas. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will help you get started on growing your business with our first-class PPC services. You will work hand in hand with your dedicated account manager, who will be your point of contact with our agency. As we're a Facebook and Google premier partner, you can trust that your account manager is well versed in Pay-Per-Click best practices.

You will also be in full control of your PPC account. Our transparent process will give you a bird's eye view of everything going on with your Pay-Per-Click Campaign, from keyword research and bid management to ad copy development and conversion rate optimization.

We don't simply offer PPC services. We provide you with a long-term, trusted partner in planning and realizing powerful PPC Campaigns, customized for your target audience.

PPC Services Trusted by Thousands
We know that finding the right PPC agency is difficult. As a five-star rated Facebook and Google Partner, we have helped thousands of local businesses maximize their paid search results potential and get the best return on their ad spend.

We are one of the most trusted Pay-Per-Click advertising partners in the Reston VA areas. Businesses from all industries have decided to put their trust in our proven process and opened a PPC account with us.

From landing page development to bidding for Google and Bing ads, you can rest easy knowing that your account is in good hands. We will help you get the best cost per click rate for your campaign and deliver the high ROI you want!

It’s no secret that PPC can bring superb results for any Reston business regardless of the market size and niche. No matter what your goals are for setting up and running a PPC campaign, there’s always a budget plan that suites your needs! Here are some of the benefits of running a PPC campaign with TTR Digital Marketing!

Cost-Effective Marketing

Unlike traditional offline marketing, like newspaper or billboard ads, online PPC advertising reaches more of your audience. You’re literally investing the same amount of resources but will get 10x the exposure!

Unlike traditional offline marketing, like newspaper or billboard ads, online PPC advertising reaches more of your audience. You’re literally investing the same amount of resources but will get 10x the exposure!

Quick and Scalable Results

Other long-term investments, such as Social Media Marketing and SEO, produce amazing benefits. But with PPC Advertising, results are immediate as soon as you start bidding. A great quality score is an important factor as well!

Easy Tracking

When campaign management and tracking is within arm’s reach, recognizing the key points to optimize your PPC account for optimum results is easier. Split testing or A/B testing are great for such optimization.

Lazer-Targeted Ads

Once we’ve identified your audience’s demographics and psychographics, we are able to formulate a winning campaign to capture customer’s intent. PPC means that you will be hyper-targeting your most qualified clients in Reston, VA.

Visible Ads in Search

Search engine ads sit at the top of the results, giving you an enormous advantage against competition. Once a user clicks on your ads, they are directed to a landing page that our marketers have optimized for conversion.

Revenue Growth

High traffic, conversion-optimized landing pages, and a well-managed PPC account – these are the key elements for you to increase your revenue. No matter where you are in Reston VA, TTR Digital Marketing is ready to grow your business!

PPC is a powerful tool for any business in Reston wanting to engage their most high-quality audience. It’s your most effective paid weapon in giving you a leg up against your competitors. But you can only reach your customers where they are if your PPC campaigns are well executed and managed.

At TTR Digital Marketing, we have great confidence in our PPC management services. We deliver you the results you want within reasonable time and resource budgets.

We operate with finesse and will do the heavy lifting so that your focus is 100% in building your brand. From maximizing the audience reach of your ads to optimizing campaigns for high conversion, TTR Digital Marketing is with you every step of the way!

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