Social Media Marketing For Hardworking Business Owners in Virginia

Great branding, online visibility, and powerful customer engagement for Virginia businesses who believes in their brand potentials. At TTR Digital Marketing, we make it happen!

Social Media Marketing, Management & Optimization!

It’s essential that we understand how your customers behave across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube. We develop social media marketing strategy paired with your current and on-going branding. And we have all the resources to manage your social media marketing campaigns:

Multimedia & Graphics Content Creation

Content curation on various social platforms requires unique perspective. The bottom line is it designed with conversion in mind. We understand that each social platform have different design requirements for better conversion.

Social Page Amplification & Management

Engaging your social followers and converting them to buying customers takes more than an overnight success. We maintain social profiles and relationships not just with customers but with influencers as well.

Social Media Ads Management

Social media advertising is indeed a necessary evil, but only to a certain extent. Sometimes a starting out brand will need a boost to catch up with the competition. We manage ad campaigns not to eat most of your marketing budget.

Social Profile Set-up & Optimization

Social media platforms have their own search algorithms. But the algorithm used by facebook is different to that of Youtube. Therefore, social profile optimization is essential for these social platforms to understand your pages better.

Strategy Development & Implementation

We've designed templates and blue prints over the years, but no two social media campaigns are identical. Not even for two brands under the same location or market. We analyze, re-analyze campaigns and fine-tune everything to perfection.

Campaign Analysis & Development

Which social platform works best for your brand and how your customers consume content in those social media platforms - We take all into account internalizing and analyzing the best approach to send that fat lady singing.

Our Social Media Marketing Services is All About Relationships and Building Them!

Business growth is exciting when social media marketing is sailing to its right course. When your business is able to bring value to your social followers, they are more than willing to go through your sales funnel. But that’s only possible with the right social media marketing team.

Boosting your social profiles has tons of benefits to your branding. Not only enhancing brand visibility and reputation, but more importantly, generating direct traffic to your website.

TTR Digital Marketing deploys SMM managers to keep up with the demands of social media campaigns. We are qualified, ambitious and credible to bring you the results you deserve. Let’s make that happen!

Unfair Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Branding

Social Media Marketing is a fantastic strategy for local business in Virginia because it’s cost effective and you have complete control on how you portray your brand to your customers online. Best of all, you get to do what you do best and we take care of it for you!

Boost Brand Awareness

Your business can boost it’s branding just by having a social media page. Imagine what a team of social media marketers can do to your brand awareness!

Increase Inbound Traffic

Think of social media profiles as gateways for your customers to find your business. We make a great job at being found by your customers whatever social platform they use!

Helps SEO Rankings

Increase in traffic triggers ranking factors especially when your website have high conversion. Influencer collaboration is the keyword to boost social media  and SEO campaigns!

High Conversion Rate

If you build engaging content and share it on your social media profiles, your audience will come to your website. A brand that cares for their customers, is way ahead of the competition.

Great Customer Experience

Engaging with your clients and customers through social media creates that unique experience for them. Great experience leads to trust and to buying your products or services.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Engaging your customers in social media is the most cost-effective direct advertising there is. You don’t need to rely solely on social media advertisement because customers can easily identify your brand early on!

Our Social Media Marketing Process

We understand the amount of great work required to run a fruitful social media campaign. No matter what your business hurdle is all about we promise we’ll be here if you need our help!  

#1 Social Media Audit

Every campaign begins with research and analysis. This enables us to understand the battle ground, the market topography and customer's tendency.

#2 Strategy Analysis

Our marketers verify the proposed strategy making sure it is in tuned with the Brand's goals. How ambitious the SMM campaign is can be determined with strategy analysis.

#3 Initiate Campaign

After gathering enough data and collecting the necessary business information needed, the social media campaign initiates using the audit's results in Step 1.

#4 Optimization & Reporting

To understand how successful a social media marketing campaign is, we have to dig into the analytics & insights. Further campaign optimization is only possible with data.

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