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Insurance Landscape and
Digital Marketing

Over the past decade or so, people have moved online in increasing numbers to shop and buy services. More than 95% of Americans now do their shopping online.

Your online presence has become your prime marketing tool in every sector. This is also true for the insurance industry – traditional insurance marketing strategies simply will not reach your customers like online solutions do.

Not only are people buying insurance services on the web, they will also research insurance agencies in search for the best deals. Data from Google itself shows that mobile search queries for “insurance near me” have grown more than 100% in the last two years alone!

Not only that, 69% on insurance customers say they ran an online search before committing to a purchase. This data points only to one conclusion – having a powerful insurance digital marketing strategy is becoming more important with each passing day if you want to bring new customers and more business to your insurance agency.

Better Digital Marketing = Better Business

Your insurance company might offer the best premiums and most flexible plans in the entire insurance industry. But you might still struggle to bring in new business if your potential clients can’t find your company when they search for insurance services.

Data shows that more than half of Google users will not look further than the first three links at the top of Google search results. The message is clear: your website content must be thoroughly optimized for your target customer group if you want to see your business grow!

Not only that, 93% of consumers say that the reputation a business has on the web will have an impact on their purchase decision. Out of that group, 83% said that the content of an online review has convinced them to buy products and services.

A well-planned and executed digital marketing campaign is one of the most efficient tools in building your brand and company reputation. In fact, it can provide an extremely high marketing investment ROI. Once people find your insurance company and services, their good feedback will reinforce your brand and drive more traffic to your website – completely for free!

These are just some of the main reasons every insurance agency needs a top-quality digital marketing plan. Simply put, a good digital marketing campaign will result in better business for your insurance company!

SEO Services

We help insurance companies build powerful SEO strategies that generate high quality leads. Our approach is based on a full audit of your current marketing efforts, company website content, and relevant search keywords.

We make use of state-of-the-art SEO methods that have boosted the search engine rankings for thousands of companies. With our help, your company will reap the benefits of the #1 positions in Google search results.

PPC Services

Our people understand that PPC campaigns generate leads only when properly targeted. Our full PPC audit will lay out a clear roadmap that will make sure your campaign will work and deliver the highest ROI. TTR’s PPC solutions help insurance companies figure out the most efficient platforms to target with their ads.

As a result, you can expect more qualified traffic to your website that is likely to convert into paying customers.

SMM Services

We know that a good brand reputation is of utmost importance to insurance companies. Our digital marketing experts will help you mastermind and execute an SMM strategy that will connect you with your audience and produce the social media content you need to turn them into customers.

Our SMM solutions will establish your brand as a leading insurance market authority that consumers trust.


Frequently Asked Question

Whether you’re selling home, accident, or auto insurance, your customer base has largely moved to the internet. That’s why your website is your most important tool in converting qualified leads into paying customers. A thoroughly planned digital marketing campaign make this tool work to its full potential.

To get the best results out of the time and money you’ve put into developing your web page, you must make sure it is easily discoverable. A mobile-friendly website with high-quality content, combined with the power of targeted advertising campaigns, will bring in the new customers and increased business that your company needs and wants!

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of online advertising. Unlike with traditional advertising campaigns, you don’t pay weekly or monthly fees for your ads – instead, you will pay a set fee each time your potential clients click on your ad link.

PPC advertising can provide you with one of the highest ROI rates in all of advertising. Consider this: you might pay $50 when a client clicks on your link, but customers spend $867 on average after an insurance Google search. That’s an ROI of 1,634%!

There are many types of PPC advertising campaigns, with the most popular options targeting paid search results and social media platforms. The choice of your target platform will depend on the goals and expected results of your digital insurance marketing plan.

In a nutshell, PPC is an incredibly efficient tool insurance companies can use to grow boost their business and bring in new customers with a minimal marketing budget!

All digital insurance marketing campaigns are different, depending on the particular needs of a specific insurance company. That’s why the process will also be different for every insurance company.

That said, each digital insurance marketing campaign should start with a thorough audit of your website content and current marketing strategies. During the audit, you will also get an idea of what people in your target group want and need, and how you can capitalize on the gaps where your competitors fall short.

After the website audit, your chosen agency will give your recommendations on what digital marketing services you should use. Once you’ve settled on a plan, your partner company will begin optimizing your website, producing content, and implementing other solutions, from SEO to email marketing campaigns.

Throughout this process, a trustworthy digital marketing agency will be transparent with what they’re doing. This openness should carry over to when your digital insurance marketing plan is fully launched – you need to know whether your campaign works and what your insurance company can expect.


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With more and consumers moving online, insurance companies can’t afford to miss the web train. You need an efficient insurance digital marketing strategy to make sure your insurance business will be optimally positioned in this new internet era. A professional digital marketing agency will help you bring in qualified leads and convert them into paying long-term clients!

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