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Sweet home Alabama! The Yellowhammer State, sitting in the heart of the Southern U.S., is the region’s beating cultural heart, not to mention its bustling industry and business.

From its mouthwatering Southern delicacies to a musical heritage built around blues, country, and jazz, Alabama defines what it means to be State of the South. Famous landmarks, such as the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, AL, and the state’s beautiful landscapes bring in droves of tourists.

On the economy side, Alabama has thriving construction, administrative, and retail sectors. That is in addition to Alabama being the number one supplier of cast iron and steel products in the nation!


At the core of Alabama’s economy are its small local businesses. The state has a total of 401,717 small businesses, which make up a whopping 99.4% of all Alabama companies!

As the business owner of one such company, you’re no doubt aware that Alabamians prefer companies and services from their home state. In fact, eight in ten customers say they will pick a local firm over a national one.

But competition in the localized market can be fierce. And, as 83% of U.S. consumers say they use search engines like Google to research products and services before purchase, you must make sure that your business is the first one they find.

This is why every Alabama company needs to have a carefully planned and executed search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in place. The best way to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies is to partner with a professional SEO agency with a history of success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Explained

Search engine optimization is the art of constructing your website in such a way that it appears organically at the top of the results page of Google and other search engines. That might seem like a simple explanation, but to get your website to that number one spot takes a lot of development work under the hood.

First of all, organic search results consist of websites that Google – after scouring the internet – ranks as the most relevant to the user’s search query. During its evaluation, Google will focus on website design and content, among other things such as use of relevant keywords and links.

Because of the great variety of factors at play, you need an SEO strategy that is holistic and takes into account all aspects web design. Without years of experience, it can be challenging and even intimidating to try and optimize your website yourself – especially if your company is new to SEO.

For this reason, most business owners in Alabama partner with a professional SEO company that has the experience to deliver the powerful SEO services that they need. A trustworthy internet marketing company will help you make sure that you’re not losing clients just because they can’t find you on Google.

Benefits of SEO For Alabama Businesses

The tangible benefits you will see from good SEO depend, just like with any other marketing strategy, on what your goals are. However, at the heart of every marketing campaign is one single goal: to bring in more business.

And that is the best benefit your company will get from search engine optimization. No matter what product or service you sell, investing in good, powerful SEO will boost your sales and help your company grow!

People use Google to search for anything and everything. Because of the huge number of searches run through the service every minute, the Google search results page is a cutthroat arena of competition.

Did you know that more than a quarter of Google users will click on the first website they see on the results page? If you add in the second and third links, the first three Google results suck in more than 55% of all traffic.

Below that, the percentage users clicking onto a website drops to a single digit number. And if your website doesn’t make it to the first page of Google at all – well, it might as well not exist.

The numbers don’t lie: the top benefit of good, working SEO is that your potential new customers will find your company. And as a business owner you know that people don’t become clients if they don’t hear about your services!

Once a potential new customer clicks on your link, the game does not end. More than half of users will spend less than 15 seconds on a website before deciding whether they’re going to stay or look elsewhere.

Well-executed search engine optimization takes into account not only search engines, but website development as well. Professional SEO service agencies will make sure your website loads fast so your new clients don’t get bored and leave while waiting. It will also ensure your web page is user-friendly and comfortable to browse even on mobile devices – a significant factor affecting Google rankings.

Additionally, good SEO services will help you produce useful, relevant web content for your clients. This does not only boost your Google rankings, but grab the attention of users that are likely to convert to a customer.

Customers come to your website because they have a need that they’re looking to fulfill. This means that if your website doesn’t provide material that that fits their needs, they will not pay for your services either.

That is why a good SEO agency will help you produce the best online content tailored to your target audience. You will build trust in your brand – you can see this as a form of good customer service!

Combining a great website with top ranking on the first page of Google will establish your company and brand as a professional industry authority. When internet users trust your web page, they are highly likely to convert into clients.

Once an internet user has found your website, deemed it worth reading, and begun to trust your company, the end result is simple. They are very likely to become your next customer!

Search engine optimization will help funnel qualified traffic to your website. That means it will focus on bringing in people who are already looking to buy your product or service – in other words, your target audience.

You could spend years and thousands of dollars in traditional marketing campaigns, churning out TV advertising and roadside billboards. But there is not guarantee that the people who are looking for your company will ever see these ads.

SEO will directly target people who want to be your customers. In a nutshell, good SEO is simply good business!

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

How Does the SEO Process Work?

Every SEO campaign is different, and the process will vary depending on your company’s needs and existing online presence. That said, any professional digital marketing agency will start with a thorough audit of your website and marketing goals.

After the audit, you will meet with the SEO team to discuss their recommendations and the best SEO service plan for your company. After that, the actual SEO work will begin!

Once your SEO plan is in place, you should make sure that your chosen digital marketing company provides you with regular, up-to-date feedback on your SEO plan’s performance and the traffic on your website. Even better, ask if they have an online service in place that you can use to monitor your SEO performance yourself!

Is SEO Cost-Effective?

Yes! While actual generalized numbers on SEO ROI are difficult to get due to the great number of variables at work, in general SEO provides much better ROI than traditional or even online advertising plans.

Not only does SEO increase your website conversion rate, it’s one of the best methods to slash your overall marketing budget. After the initial SEO work, your website will keep drawing in qualified traffic at no extra cost as potential clients keep seeing your business at the top of Google results.

All you have to do is keep your online presence up to date and watch your sales grow!

How Do I Get Started on SEO?

If you – or some of your employees – have years of experience in web development and an in-depth knowledge of online and search engine technology, you can do SEO yourself. Most businesses, however, lack this kind of expertise in-house.

The best way to start into SEO is to get help from a trusted digital marketing agency with a proven track record helping companies increase their website traffic. They will know what service will work best for each of your business’ needs.

TTR SEO Plan Customized for Your Business

TTR Digital Marketing is one of the leading agencies in the search engine optimization niche. Our SEO team is well-places to help your Alabama-based business get the most out out a boost in website traffic.

Our friendly and knowledgeable digital marketing experts will conduct a thorough and comprehensive audit of your existing website and marketing strategy. They will identify not only the keywords and platforms your should target, but also the gaps where your competitors fall short.

Armed with the results of the audit, we will work with you to define the most efficient SEO strategy to get your business to the top in your industry. With our unique combination of full-service on- and off-site SEO solutions, website development, and digital marketing expertise, our team will develop a fully customized plan to help amplify your brand and direct the maximum qualified traffic to your business.

Throughout our journey, out totally transparent process let you stay in control of what happens to your website. You will work hand in hand with your dedicated SEO contact who will keep you updated on the process and help you understand what we do – and why.

TTR also has an online service in place that gives our clients a bird’s eye view of the work being done on their websites. And once the project is complete, you can use our service to monitor your website traffic grow in real-time.

Thousands Trust TTR SEO Services

There are dozens of SEO agencies on the internet, and finding the right one for your business can be difficult. The easiest way to ensure your chosen agency is the one you need is to look at their results.

TTR Digital Marketing is a five-star rated SEO agency with a proven track record of success. With the help of our industry-proven individual SEO service packages, thousands of companies have gotten the traffic boost their websites need.

  • 5,486 Satisfied Clients
  • 3,764 Successful Projects

Whether they’re exploring SEO for the first time or wanting to upgrade their unsatisfactory existing SEO plan, our clients know that TTR has the skills and knowledge to help them. That is why they time and time again trust us to improve their websites, bringing in more qualified leads – and more business!

Join our ever-growing community of happy clients in SEO success!

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More TTR Digital Marketing Services

Once your new SEO plan is working, it is time to maximize your leads and sales with other digital marketing strategies available to you. TTR can provide you with a comprehensive full-service digital marketing plan that will improve your online presence on all fronts.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

With an increasing number of customers researching companies and services on social media, it is vital for you to have a strong presence on the most impactful platforms. Our state-of-the-art SMM solutions will amplify your brand and increase the number of qualified leads from social media. From profile management to ads and content development, our team is ready to help you!

Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC)

If you’re looking to get the most bang out of your marketing bucks, you can’t afford to ignore PPC! An audited and targeted TTR PPC plan will help you identify the strongest keywords for your campaign, and bring in an ROI that will save you years’ worth of traditional advertising budget.