Hi, I’m Kia Khamoushi

Chief Business Development Officer

About Me

My friends often tell me I’m the luckiest person they know. I tell them it’s not luck, it’s knowing how to use what you have to make things happen.

And after more than a decade of making things happen for myself as the owner and CEO of a successful IT company, I decided it would be more fulfilling to use my digital marketing skillset to make things happen for others.

📍 So, here’s where I am today: I utilize my command over search engines to help small businesses dominate their industry and grow their business online.

I’ve created success utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for businesses from a broad range of service industry types, including law, dentistry, healthcare, health and wellness, real estate, government contractors, entertainment, food and beverage, technology, and many more.

As a business owner myself, I know that managing day-to-day operations and responsibilities leaves little time to ensure that your business has well-established online visibility and is meeting the hundreds of criteria that search engines like Google look at when ranking your website. But I also know that it is highly critical that this not be overlooked.

I spent years educating myself on digital marketing, specifically SEO, so that I could successfully elevate my business to the top of search engines without having to spend a ton of ad money for highly competitive keywords just to make my website visible.

I’m glad to report that all that time and effort paid off. I made it to the top, organically, but most importantly I gained a highly valuable skill set that could be used to help others.

💡 This is what I learned: if your digital marketing campaign doesn’t include an aggressive SEO strategy, then you’re not even close to reaching your true potential online.

What does your current online marketing plan look like? Connect with me and let’s chat about it.

About TTR Digital Marketing

TTR Digital Marketing Inc. works with local businesses around the D.C and Virginia area. Our mission is to help small businesses increase their profits through digital marketing efforts that increase ROI and drive revenue through measurable actions.